Johny Grey endorses TPB Tech for use in multigenerational design

In this special blog we speak to kitchen design philosopher, consultant and collaborator with the National Innovation Centre for Ageing (NICA), Johnny Grey, and explore the reasons why our technology might be the perfect fit for a multigenerational home…

Why do you think TPB Tech could be an effective solution in a multigenerational home?

Firstly, there’s a yawning gap between kitchen and interior design, and technology, and TPB Technology is a product that bridges that gap. Cutting-edge technology can certainly be used to improve people’s lives as they grow older, either by making things safer or making things automated, or adding voice control.

The safety element of the TPB Tech cooktop is great for all users, young and old. I know it’s much safer than other induction hobs and I like the fact you can use all the worktop as dedicated worktop space outside the induction zones in use. It allows you a lot of flexibility in terms of what you can do with the space.

The fact that it’s so smooth and flat is another plus-point as, for me, cooking and enjoying the kitchen is all about conversation and eye-contact. The TPB cooktop’s sleek design means there are no distractions. Also, because it sits in the middle of the room and faces into the room, as opposed to facing the wall like a hob might usually, the person preparing food is never isolated from what’s happening in the room.

There is an idea that older people can’t get to grips with technology or would struggle to learn how to use it. Is this the case or is it a myth?

I think it’s definitely a myth that older people struggle with technology. If you look at the grey market now, their spending on technology is on a par with, if not more than, other demographics. That’s not to say people are completely comfortable with it because they’re not. But, we’ve done a workshop with NICA and the data there showed that people only generally have a problem with complex command systems, and the TPB Tech worktop is pretty straightforward to use.

So how could TPB Tech be used on a practical level by users of all ages?

Because of its safety features, children can be more involved in cooking while under the supervision of parents and there’s very little risk of burning. 

Secondly, it could be used to help bring people together virtually because of its seamlessness and ease-of-use. Some people I know, over the course of the pandemic have been preparing and having meals together over Zoom, for example, because they can’t get together.

Technology like this, which is sleek, unobtrusive and solves genuine problems, just makes the kitchen a nicer place to be.

For more information on the features mentioned in this piece, click here. 

How does a TPB Tech Invisible cooktop work?

Here at TPB we’re commonly asked how our cooktop works and there is a common misconception that the entire surface can be used for cooking and that pans can be placed anywhere and work.

In fact, the cooktop works in a similar way to traditional induction hobs in the sense that it has induction zones. But this is where the similarity ends. Unlike all other induction manufacturers which build in the inductors to suit the induction glass, TPB Tech works with an individual induction system. The individual induction elements are usually arranged in a straight line, towards the centre of the surface, leaving plenty of room on the periphery for prep or putting your glass of wine.

Also unlike traditional hobs, the number of inductors can be specified and the top can be customised to suit the needs of the user. In addition, inductors not in use can be used as extra worktop space.

How can the cooktop be customised?

Aesthetics: The cooktop is available in 17 stylish finishes, ranging from natural stone-effect such as the Torano Staturaio marble and Granite-like Pietra Grey Mat, and metallics including the rusty-toned Terra Mater and Moma Rusteel. We also have the ultra-chic Grum Black, Black Selene and Malm Black. So, there’s a colour to suit everyone.

Functionality: Users can also choose touch-sensitive controls, built in to the cooktop’s surface or a more traditional knob system which will sit on a false panel on the outer edge of the worktop. The different zones are indicated with LED temperature indicators which sit below them, built in to the surface.

Either way, the unique engineering and design makes cooking stress-free and easy.

Safety: All areas outside the active cooking zones can be used for prepping food as the unique construction means that only the area directly below the pan in use, gets hot. So, there is almost zero risk of getting burnt.

Durability: The TPB Tech cooktop is the most hardwearing on the market. The shock, heat and scratch-resistant porcelain-ceramic surface is completely non-porous, is easy to clean with just soap and water, can’t be damaged by or stained by wine or citric acid and diamond is the only material that can scratch it. This means the top can be used for all your chopping and food preparation.

Size, dimensions and configuration: Next, customers can choose from a range of different sizes, from 90x62cm up to 315x122cm. TPB Tech is the only appliance on the market that can be specified in sizes larger than 90x50cm. In addition, we can specify extra dedicated worktop space and recesses for a sink, faucet and sockets, making for an entirely seamless look. 

With the help of a kitchen designer, users can also specify the dimensions, the number and configuration of induction zones, and the type of inductors used. There are three types to choose from with varying outputs (Ø) and wattages (W). 

Ø 170 mm / 1700 W

Ø 230 mm / 2300 W – 3000 W with Booster

Ø 280 mm / 2300 W – 3000 W with Booster

Users can choose as many inductors as they want obviously depending in the cooker hood measurements.

Why should I buy a TPB Tech cooktop?

In addition to the features we’ve talked about, a TPB Tech cooktop is also the most multifunctional induction hob on the market today – it’s the only one that doubles up a work surface. Plus, it’s the most efficient on the market, and it’s the only hob available can be built entirely to the customers’ requirements.

Want to find out more? See it in action here.


Elevated for efficiency – why a TPB Tech Cooktop is the best option for the eco-conscious

Sustainability has become increasingly important to us over the past ten years. With issues around climate and pollution repeatedly making the headlines, consumers generally are becoming more mindful about their choices – from the cars that we drive right down to the clothes that we buy. And of course, the appliances we have in our homes.

An energy-efficient appliance doesn’t just save energy, of course, but can save you a significant amount of money in the long term, on your energy bills. So, while some appliances might cost you more in terms of initial outlay, you may find you save that money on bills in a few years, and these appliances should stand the test of time.


Nowadays, induction is highly desirable for homeowners and chefs alike, because it’s easy to maintain and clean and because it’s safer than the open flame burners that come with gas. Because induction works with electromagnetism rather than gas and flame or electricity, there’s also very little heat transfer outside the cooking pot. This is what makes induction so efficient and a great alternative to gas burners in busy commercial kitchens.

Although induction is widely regarded as one of the cleanest and most efficient cooking methods on the market, all hobs in the market today still operate at an electricity output of around 250 watts per hour, significantly higher than the threshold set by the Energy Regulation Authority, of 190 watts per hour. The TPB Tech cooktop range has a maximum output of 172 watts per hour, until now, the only company well below the threshold limit.

TPB Tech is better

So, with a TPB Tech Invisible Cooktop the eco-credentials of induction are improved upon even further, thanks to the cooktop’s engineering and patented four-layer construction.

On top is the porcelain-ceramic surface. It’s hard-wearing and can be used for prepping and chopping. It’s totally non-porous and heat-resistant, making it the most resistant top on the market today. Underneath this is an aluminium layer that dissipates heat to prevent breakage. Below this is a layer of Bakelite. This is the conductive material for the functional components which ensures maximum break and impact resistance. Finally, a bottom aluminium layer provides flexibility and resilience and is also used to fasten the induction components.

Elevated for efficiency

Because of the cooktop’s unique construction, the pans used on it must be elevated slightly on special plinths.

This elevation creates an air gap between the ceramic surface and the bottom of the pan or pot, which reduces heat radiation at the bottom of the pot and thus ensures significantly higher energy efficiency. Practically nothing can burn on the surface as only the bottom of the cookware is heated. This also means the cooktop is much safer than other induction tops as the residual temperature outside of the cooking zone never reaches beyond 40 ̊C. Standard induction hobs retain more residual heat and still pose a risk of burning.

The cookware you use must be suitable for use with induction and must be used with elevations. TPB Tech offers a range of cookware with the plinths built-in but we also offer elevation coasters that can be used with existing induction cookware. 

All this means that our induction hobs are the most energy-efficient on the market.

Finally, our cooktops also come with a 2-year guarantee so you can be sure it won’t need replacing and will serve you well for many years to come, plus you will save money on your energy bills. What’s not to love?


The Invisible Induction hob – The game changing future of cooking

Induction cooking has revolutionised the cooking appliance market over the past 10-15 years since it’s become popular in the mainstream, for its increased levels of safety, hygiene and efficiency.

An induction hob, for most of us, is now a must-have.

TPB has taken this technology to what we see as its logical endpoint. Why give up valuable worktop space, when you can cook in the worktop directly? This creates a totally sleek and seamless look, as well as offering many benefits over its more traditional counterparts.

At TPB Tech, we like to think differently.

Why choose a TPB Tech Invisible Cooktop?

Firstly, it’s beautiful. The porcelain cooktop is available in 17 different colours, with finishes including everything from natural-looking stone, to marble, metallic and solid black. This means that whatever your kitchen style, you’ll find a finish that works for you. In addition, PB Tech is the only appliance of its kind in the market that can be specified in more than three colours, and larger than 90x50cm.

Secondly, it’s practical and durable. The surface is constructed with a multi-layer material which makes it the most hard-wearing cook surface on the market today. It is completely non-porous and seamless, making it totally impervious to water, so it’s easy to clean and hygienic. And, it can be used as a chopping surface – such is the level of scratch resistance; In fact, diamond is the only material that could leave a mark.

It looks great, but how does it work? And how easy is it to use?

The TPB cooktop works under the same principles as any other induction top, but we like to think we’ve moved the technology on, and made it better.

Safer and more efficient

Like all induction cookers, this uses electromagnetism, which in turn uses vibration to create heat energy. The difference with our cooktop is the cookware is slightly elevated on special plinths so the residual temperature on the surface remains low since it is not in direct contact with the surface. This method also significantly improves energy efficiency, saving around 50% of energy compared to any other induction system on the market, and it cools down up to 95% faster.

This means there are almost zero risks of burning as residual heat never reaches a high enough temperature and almost all heat is transferred into the pot.

You have the option of purchasing specialist cookware or can simply purchase the plinths to use with your existing induction cookware.

Easy-to-use and customisable

With TPB, the configuration of the surface is entirely up to you. You can have as many inductors as you need, and these can be controlled either by a touch control inserted into the ceramic surface, similar to standard glass control, or you could opt for a more traditional knob system. Either way, a lens inserted below each inductor will show the temperature.

How do I know where to put the pans?

We always suggest to clients to design the induction elements in a straight line instead of cooking in a standard induction glass which is rectangular in shape, this way we move the inductors more towards the centre and that allows you to prep, plate up and use the cooking area while working, plating up or simply using it for your book recipe or having a glass of wine while cooking.

The lens beneath each inductor will indicate where pans should be placed.

Kitchen theatre – make a statement with TPB

Staying in, is the new going out. It’s official. Influenced by cookery shows such as Masterchef and The Great British Bake Off, homeowners over the past few years have become increasingly passionate about cooking. We are happy to entertain at home and show off our culinary prowess, rather than go out to eat. Everybody wants to be a chef, and with modern appliances making cooking easy, almost everybody can be.

Now, the pandemic, of course, has interrupted this trend, with the showing-off and entertainment happening only via cookery classes on Zoom.  However, as restrictions ease and we navigate our way out of the coronavirus crisis, many of us will be eager to entertain friends and family in our homes once more and we’ll want appliances that help us do that.

In addition, the kitchen renovation industry has seen a significant boost over the past year. This has been driven by the Stamp Duty holiday and the resultant uplift in the housing market, as well as frustrated homeowners stuck at home on furloughed leave, and keen to tackle projects previously put on the back burner.

So, now is a time when we are happy to indulge in ourselves and our personal spaces. Having been largely confined to our homes over the past year and a half, investment in the home and in our passion for cooking has become a priority.

Making a statement

The TPB cooktop is the perfect cooking appliance for creating a sense of theatre in the kitchen.

There are 17 finishes available in the range, including the most on-trend marble and metallic decors, natural-looking stone, and solid black. So, there’s an option for every style of kitchen and to suit every taste.

Our cooktops are fully customisable, though we do recommend inductor configurations to maximise practicality. You can choose from sleek controls set into the surface, or a knob system, with the temperature for each inductor shown on a heat indicator below.

With TPB it is also possible to have a surface that incorporates not only the cooktop, but also recesses for a sink and faucet and electric sockets, making for a completely streamlined and harmonious design scheme.

Practical and safe

The TPB cooktop is sleek and completely non-porous meaning it’s easy to keep clean and sparkling, and it’s the safest induction system on the market thanks to our special plinths on our cookware which elevate them and reduce the residual temperature on the surface so it never reaches more than 40 ̊C beyond the active induction zones. In other words, only the area right beneath the pan gets hot and the rest of the top is cool to the touch. This means that (unlike traditional induction tops, which do pose a risk of burning), there is almost zero risk of burning and you can prep, read from your cookbook and enjoy a glass of wine with your guests, right there, next to the pans, while you are cooking.

You’re in good company

With a TPB Tech Invisible induction Cooktop, the budding home chef is in great company as this technology is used by some Spain’s best restaurants.

Restaurants currently using our technology include Cocina Hermanos Torres in Barcelona, the Three Michelin-Starred Martín Berasategui in Lasarte-Oria, (Gipuzkoa), Spain, Bar Restaurant Los Cuevas in Seville, plus many others.

Matt Tebbutt, TV chef and presenter of the BBC’s Saturday Kitchen, Matt Tebbutt is a brand ambassador for TPB Tech.

That’s entertainment!

When you think about outdoor entertaining, barbecuing and sitting in the sunshine on deckchairs is likely the thing that immediately springs to mind. But outdoor kitchens are now incredibly sophisticated and even induction is possible with a TPB Tech cooktop…

Main: Since the start of the coronavirus pandemic hit in 2020, most of us have been confined to our homes and local areas. We’ve been unable to travel and unable to enjoy meals out or visit our local bars and pubs. As a consequence of this, our focus has turned inward, to our homes and gardens. Outdoor entertaining has grown significantly, with outdoor kitchen specialists reporting record sales over the past year.

When it comes to designing and installing an outdoor kitchen, there is a lot to consider. It’s quite a different proposition to designing a regular indoor kitchen, though there are some similarities.

Withstanding the elements

Firstly, you have to ensure that all the products you choose are suitable for outdoor use. Worksurfaces and your sink must be impervious to the elements. Cabinetry should be weatherproof too. You should also be able to shut this up over winter if you wish to store any utensils or cookware. It’s also a good idea to house your outdoor kitchen space under a canopy, as this will extend the seasons in which space can be used. You won’t be at the mercy of the unpredictable British weather!

In addition, you might want to consider installing a retractable shade, or cover, over your seating area entertaining/seating area – this way your guests will be comfortable whatever the weather is doing.


As with your interior kitchen, an external one should flow nicely and should be laid out in such a way that everything needed is in easy reach. You should have a place for utensils, herbs and spices, and cookware. And a bin for waste. The sink and tap should also be just a few steps away from the cooking area. Refrigeration should be easily accessible too.

Also bear in mind that you’ll need electricity and, potentially, gas supply, drainage and a water supply.


When it comes to appliances, there are lots of options available in the market, depending on your preference. Outdoor ovens and pizza ovens have become incredibly trendy over the past couple of years, and gas grills and ovens are also popular with those who love to barbecue.

In addition to your cooking appliances, refrigeration is key, particularly if your outdoor kitchen is any distance away from the house. A wine or drinks fridge is also a good idea. Your outdoor kitchen specialist will be able to recommend suitable products.

Induction? Outside?!

It’s also possible with TPB Tech’s Invisible induction Cooktop to have induction cooking outdoors, as our cooktop is extremely hardwearing and durable. And, as you are cooking, you can utilise the rest of the worktop space for your recipe book and a glass of wine, for prepping and for plating up.

The TPB Tech countertop is constructed from a revolutionary multilayer material that makes it the most durable on the market. It has four layers: a non-porous, shock resistant and scratch resistant porcelain-ceramic surface, a heat resistant aluminium layer, a Bakelite layer providing stability and impact resistance, and a final aluminium layer providing flexibility and ease attachment to any surface. This composite material ensures your cooktop will continue to look as good as new and deliver optimum performance for years to come.

Because it’s completely non-porous and has no joints for water to seep through, the cooktop is really easy to clean, with regular detergent and water, and it’s very hygienic. The unique elevation ring system that ensures all pots and pans will not come into contact with the surface, thereby avoiding any marks left by continuous use, and will keep the top looking like new.

As with any appliance, we recommend covering it when it’s not in use and over the cooler months.

Finally, if you’re keen to impress your friends, you can’t go wrong with the TPB Tech invisible induction cooktop for outdoor entertaining. It’s a real showstopper and is sure to wow your guests, but there is a chance you may never want to cook inside again!

It’s time to modernise your hotel breakfast

We are all looking for adaptable, stylish additions to our lives whether in business or in the home, and the TPB Tech Worktop seamlessly fits into any space, revolutionising the way it is used. One industry that significantly benefits from our products is the hotel and hospitality industry.

Think about the traditional hotel morning buffet with its serve yourself breakfast. The unsightly serving station parked against the wall with people burning their fingers on the boiling metal. This eyesore will often sit in the room all day with guests and staff awkwardly shuffling past it as it serves no other purpose beyond the breakfast hours.

Now imagine a heat resistant, stunningly beautiful, porcelain TPB Tech countertop taking pride of place in the middle of the buffet room. Ordinarily, dishes warmed on the Bain Marie takes on average 90 minutes to warm. In contrast, TPB Tech allows chefs to warm up the Bain Marie within 20 minutes and then precisely lower the temperature to the desired level to keep the dish warm or simmering, ensuring food stays fresh. That means that not only cuts down the prepping time to less than a third but it also lowers the energy consumption by 40%.

Once breakfast has ended, this worktop need not be a burden in your hotel, as the scratch-resistant, non-porous surface means that you have a sanitary, durable surface for any other service that takes place during the day. The heating controls on our commercial induction hobs are so discreet that these tables transform easily into a show cooking countertop for the ultimate dining experience, as well as for celebrations such as wedding receptions or the office Christmas party. Its versatility makes it the perfect addition for any hotel.

During their stays, guests do not typically remark upon or get excited by the kitchen facilities on offer. They might reminisce about the lavish mattresses, beds, or toiletries and it is often these things that guests come away remembering fondly. But hotels are not just a place to sleep, they are a place to feel special and like royalty, and our worktops offer that additional Wow factor to the overall experience your guests will enjoy.

We provide the ideal combination of luxury, technology, and innovation that keeps guests coming back to your hotel, looking forward to the excitement of seeing one of our worktops up close once again. TPB tech countertops will upgrade the hospitality capabilities of any hotel.

Everyone has a seat at our table.

Get in touch to discuss your renovation possibilities.

How TPB Tech can transform your home cooking nights

2020 was the year we all had to stay at home. Now while there can be no denying that it was a tough year for everyone, there have been some positives arise from the lockdown  – most notably, just how fun cooking at home can be.

Whether it is getting the entire family involved, whipping up a romantic meal with your partner or simply cooking yourself a delicious dinner, cooking at home can be a lot of fun. Over the last 12 months, more and more of us have discovered the many benefits of home cooking, with 40% of people believe they will be eating at home more once life gets back to normal.

Having the right kitchen setup can transform those home cooking nights, not only helping you to serve up even tastier food but also making it safer for the whole family. Here at TPB Tech, our induction cooktop solutions are an innovative way of helping you take those cooking nights to the next level.

The perfect night in

From helping you to reduce the costs of expensive takeaways or restaurants, giving you better portion control, or ensuring you know exactly what ingredients are in each meal, there are many benefits to home cooking. However, one of the most overlooked benefits is just how fun and sociable it can be, and here at TPB Tech, we believe our unique induction hobs and appliances are the perfect addition to any home.

No matter what you might be cooking, our innovative porcelain worktops allow you to prepare, cook and enjoy your meals from the same counter. The kitchen is the heart of any home, which is why our stylish solutions act as a focal point to your room. Cooking is a fantastic way of spending time together, and there are very few things that we like doing more here at TPB Tech.

We recently spent a night in cooking a delicious pasta vongole using our induction cookware set. Living in London means space can sometimes be a premium inside properties, but our TPB Tech worktop allowed us to easily prepare all of the ingredients before cooking them all on the same countertop.

While for us, this helps us to utilise the space in our home more efficiently, an induction cooktop is also a great way to help you keep your children safe. Getting your kids involved in a cooking night not only helps them to learn new skills, but it is a great way of spending quality time together. However, young children and hot counters can be a dangerous mix, which is why our innovative TBP Tech countertop is the perfect addition to any home. The completely safe worktop is heat resistant, ensuring it remains safe to touch, even as your food is cooking.

Looking to install TPB Tech in your home?

Want to take your kitchen to the next level? Our TPB Tech countertops are the innovative induction cookware solution for your home. Using multi-layered materials, our worktops are completely scratch and heat-resistant, alongside being completely non-porous.

We pride ourselves on creating custom solutions designed for your home, so if you want to find out how we can help you, get in touch today!

The top safety benefits of using TPB appliances with kids

Cooking with your children is a fantastic way of helping them to develop their skills, while giving you the chance to spend valuable time with them in a fun environment. From helping them to communicate more effectively and boosting their fine motor skills to increasing their focus, cooking provides your children with a range of benefits.

However, while there can be no denying benefits of cooking with your children, the kitchen can also be a very dangerous place. Children are naturally inquisitive, which can lead to them accidentally burning or hurting themselves on various appliances. Incorporating an induction cooktop into your home can not only help you to maximise the space in your kitchen, but also gives you a number of additional safety benefits.

Top safety benefits of TPB Tech Induction Cooktops

First launched in 2013, our TPB Tech worktops are a game changer when it comes to cooking at home with your children. The innovative solution is the first induction technology that is not in glass, and our system allows you to cook utilising elevated cookware.

There are many safety benefits of our TPB Tech worktops, including:

1. Less residual heat

One of the biggest benefits of our innovative induction is that there are no hot heating elements. Our technology works with elevations on the cookware, which not only makes it vastly more energy efficient, but it also means there is less residual heat on the surface, ensuring your children will not accidentally burn themselves once the pots or pans have been moved.

2. Faster cooldown

Alongside ensuring the surface remains cool to the touch, the elevated induction cookware also cools down much quicker. Once removed from the countertop, the cookware will cool down 70% faster, making it far safer for your children to move around.

3. Prep and cook in the same area

The state-of-the art technology allows you to prepare, cook and plate up your food on the same countertop. This allows you to keep a closer eye on your children while they’re cooking, ensuring they do not come to any harm.

4. Place them out of reach

Our TPB Tech countertops allow you to create a row of hobs in the centre of the worktop, ensuring your toddlers will not be able to grab the cookware or burn themselves with the hot contents.

5. Antibacterial surfaces

Our TPB Tech worktops are made from pore-free and ultra-hard antibacterial porcelain, ensuring you can quickly and easily keep your surfaces clean.

Get your induction cooktop today

Do you want to keep your children safe and discover the many benefits of an induction cooktop? Here at TPB Tech, we provide both residential and commercial induction cooktops, and our innovative TPB Tech countertops are scratch and heat-resistant and completely non-porous.

We pride ourselves on offering our customers the highest quality induction cookware solutions possible, and our customisable designs ensure you can always find a worktop for your needs. Want to find out more? Get in touch today!

Where it all began…

Since 2012, TPB Tech has been an industry leader in the production of innovative induction cooktop technology. With a unique multilayer composite material providing the highest level of durability and performance on the market, TPB Tech induction hobs have become a firm favourite in many modern domestic kitchens.

TPB Tech has also received accolades from the commercial industry, with praise from leading international chefs such as Martin Berasategui, who has earned a total of 12 Michelin stars across seven restaurants throughout Europe, Hermanos Torres, whose Barcelona restaurant holds two Michelin stars, and Xavier Pellicer, winner of the “World’s Best Vegetable Restaurant” award two years running. With such a high reputation in the market, it is worth having a look at how TPB Tech came to be, and what led to the creation of this revolutionary new induction cooktop design.

The Original Vision

The concept of TPB Tech originated with the vision of one man: Joan Lloveras. With a qualification in Industrial Design, Lloveras was an engineer and inventor who, along with years of sound business experience, saw the potential for a new type of composite material: one that would be strong, flexible and able to withstand extreme heat and pressure. The original plan was to develop a product suitable as a support for the undercarriages of high-speed trains, and after experimenting with combinations of different materials, Lloveras eventually produced his multilayer material that successfully combined all of the components needed for strength, flexibility and support. A prototype of the new material was showcased at Eurocucina in 2004 and while the product itself was acknowledged as a successful achievement, the estimated cost of mass-producing the quantity required for each train revealed that it would not be economically viable. Unable to use his design in the railway sector, Lloveras turned his attention to other potential uses for his invention.

Finding A New Purpose

Despite the setback of being unable to use his new product for its originally intended purpose, Lloveras was not about to let his sophisticated new invention go to waste. Undeterred, he began researching different industries where such a material would prove invaluable, and it was not long before he found that the market for his invention was right in front of him: the kitchen. He began experimenting and designing, utilising additional technologies to combine the two major features of any kitchen: the worktop and the cooking hob. The process took six years to perfect, but by 2010 Lloveras had created a multifunctional induction cooktop formed from this new material which proved to be the most durable and efficient on the market. As CEO of the newly formed Top Porcelanik Barcelona, or TPB Tech brand, Lloveras was ready to launch his new invention into the international market.

The Birth of TPB Tech

As a new brand, TPB Tech needed to effectively market its unique product, and in 2011 secured a partnership with the internationally recognised chef Martin Berasategui to promote and be the face for TPB Tech countertops. Still, the process of becoming a fully certified brand took time, and TPB Tech needed to comply with a number of stringent regulations before CE certification could be granted. When CE certification was achieved in 2012 TPB Tech was free to begin full production of a range of induction cooktops. The worktop was officially presented at the International Living Kitchen Fair in Köln, Germany, in 2013, and in 2014 was fully introduced to both domestic and commercial industries attracting significant interest and meriting huge acclaim. With a unique design and exclusive features, TPB Tech induction hobs offered something dynamically new to the world of home cooking that quickly established it as a must-have for any kitchen.

A Revolution in Induction Cooking Technology

One of the features that sets the TPB Tech induction cooktop apart from its competitors is that it was the first induction cooktop not to utilise a glass surface. Instead, TPB Tech employs a multilayered material combining a porcelain ceramic surface for scratch-resistance and impact-resistance, an aluminium layer for heat-resistance, Bakelite for flexibility and an underlying aluminium layer for support and easy attachment to any surface. As such, TPB Tech induction cooktops are the most durable and reliable on the market, and with a design that eliminates joins together with a non-porous surface the TPB Tech worktop is a breeze to clean making it one of the most hygienic on the market. Another feature of TPB Tech countertops that revolutionises induction cooking technology is that it is the only one on the market that can be custom designed to individual specifications on size, shape and colour finish. Together with an individual induction system that is 40% more energy-efficient and an inbuilt safety system, it is easy to see why the TPB tech range of cookware leads the field in induction cooking technology.

The Future of TPB Tech Induction Cooktops

Having revolutionised the world of induction cooking, TPB Tech continues to develop new appliances that improve the way we experience cooking. The brand has successfully forged relationships and partnerships based on trust and mutual respect, including the high-end technology and appliance manufacturer Ego Elektro-Geraetebau (EGO), the Gasol Foundation who is committed to eradicating childhood obesity worldwide, and with prestigious catering schools such as the CETT, the Escuela de Hostelería and the Turismo de Barcelona. In the future, TPB Tech plans to remain as an innovative game-changer in the industry, committed to making cooking an enjoyable, safe and hassle-free experience for all. With this vision in place, the TPB Tech range of induction cooktops will continue to be creative, state-of-the-art appliances perfectly designed and adapted to fit the needs of any domestic or commercial kitchen